Initiatives: as a Silver Star Keep Texas Beautiful Affiliate

Beautification & The Big Blue Crab


We've formally hired Joe Barrington, a wonderful prominent Texas Artist and are in the Preliminary Design Phase!  Learn more via link:

Litter Prevention and Cleanups


Stop trash before it begins in the first place  - Trash Blows...Stow It... campaign.  However, our volunteers removed almost 74000 lbs of debris in 2019 

Native Greening Projects


Why are natives so important in our area? 

Aransas County is the "jumping off point" in the US for hummers and monarchs to make their migration trek to and from Mexico over the Gulf of Mexico waters. 



Recycled: 100s of Computers and Equipment... 13,720 lbs of Boat Trailer and Motor Debris... Reusable Grocery Bag program made from Reusable Water Bottles - keeping it all from the Landfill

Solid Waste Management


We advocate unique Code Enforcement Solutions.  Stay tuned as we start showing the love to unique areas in the county.  VTIP program helped remove 31 derelict boats in the County.

Wildlife Conservation


World Class Whooping Cranes, Federally protected Coastal Birds, Sea Turtles, Hummingbird Capital of Texas and more

Community Leadership


Under Construction

Public Awareness & Education


Under Construction

KACB's 2020 Impact


Under Construction